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IMBR open access repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and freely distributes materials created within the Institute of Marine Biological Research community. Repository contains documents, publications, theses, dissertations, maps etc. authored or co-authored by IMBR researches, PhD students, and staff.

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Bibliographic Indexes / Библиографические указатели 1

Aquatic and marine sciences bibliographic indexes

Deposit manuscripts / Депонированные рукописи 12

Non-published research manuscripts stored in the Scientific Library

Monographs, Proceedings & Conference Materials / Монографии, сборники научных трудов и материалы конференций 1727

Collections of Monographs, Scientific Articles and Conference Materials authored by staff of the institute

Preprints / Препринты 6

Preprints published or authored by staff of the institute and other scientific organizations

Selected articles & overprints / Избранные статьи и оттиски 192

Collection of selected digital articles and overprints from different sources

Serials / Журналы, продолжающиеся издания 2900

Serials and continuing resources published by institute

Staff biobibliography / Биобиблиография сотрудников 23

Biography and materials published or authored by staff of the institute