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IBSS open access repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and freely distributes materials created within the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas community. Repository contains documents, publications, theses, dissertations, maps etc. authored or co-authored by IBSS researches, PhD students, and staff.

All of the materials are CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed.
CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed

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Bibliographic Indexes / Библиографические указатели 30

Aquatic and marine sciences bibliographic indexes

Deposit manuscripts / Депонированные рукописи 374

Non-published research manuscripts stored in the Scientific Library

IBSS history publications / Публикации по истории СБС — ИнБЮМ 361

Публикации из разных коллекций репозитория по истории СБС — ИнБЮМ

Monographs, Proceedings & Conference Materials / Монографии, сборники научных трудов и материалы конференций 4435

Collections of Monographs, Scientific Articles and Conference Materials authored by staff of the institute

Preprints / Препринты 27

Preprints published or authored by staff of the institute and other scientific organizations

Selected articles & overprints / Избранные статьи и оттиски 2088

Collection of selected digital articles and overprints from different sources

Serials / Журналы, продолжающиеся издания 4082

Serials and continuing resources published by institute

Staff biobibliography / Биобиблиография сотрудников 101

Biography and materials published or authored by staff of the institute