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Authors: Киселева, Г. А.
Title: Факторы, стимулирующие метаморфоз личинок двустворчатого моллюска Brachyodontes lineatus (Gmelin)
Other Titles: Factors stimulating larval metamorphosis of a Lamellibranch, Brachyodontes lineatus (Gmelin)
Issue Date: 1966
Language (ISO): Russian
Series/Report no.: Зоологический журнал
Issue number: 10
Volume number: 45
Pages: 1571-1573
Description: Physical properties of the substrate, the structure of the algae and of the killed bacterial-algal film do not affect larval metamorphosis of B. lineatus. On the contrary, the live bacterial-algal film covering any surfaces stimulates larval metamorphosis. Extracts of Cystoseira barbata in the sea water solution maintain the active substances contributing to the metamorphosis of B. lineatus larvae.
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