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Authors: Пшенин, Л. Н.
Title: Видовой состав и распределение азотфиксирующих микроорганизмов в воде Черного моря
Other Titles: The species composition and distribution of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in water column of the Black Sea
Issue Date: 1965
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 3-11
Description: The investigation was intended to specify and add to the earlier list of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms known from the Black Sea; more evidence was obtained about quantitative distribution of some nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Clostridium, Pseudomonas, Vibrio and Spirillum) in the coastal, shallow- and deep-water areas of the Black Sea including Zernov Phyllophora field. The records show that in the phyllophora field bacterial numbers increases with increasing wind activity that disturbs soft bottom substrate and muddies the sea water. In deep-water areas of the sea nitrogen fixation is rather due to several anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria such as Spirillum, Vibrio, Pseudomonas, and, possibly, some other microorganisms, than due to a specific azotobacter. Our observations have shown that Spirullum magnum nov.sp. were the most efficacious in nitrogen-fixing. For the first time it was found that microorganisms belonging to class Spirochaeta can fix molecular nitrogen.
Appears in Collections:Исследования планктона Черного и Азовского морей / Plankton investigations in the Black Sea and in the Sea of Azov

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