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Authors: Делало, Е. П.
Балдина, Э. П.
Билева, О. К.
Title: Сезонные изменения распределения зоопланктона в западной половине Черного моря в 1957 г.
Other Titles: Seasonal changes in the distribution of zooplankton over the western Black Sea during 1957
Issue Date: 1965
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 92-101
Description: Samples of zooplankton were taken during synchronous surveys carried out in the western and southwestern parts of the Black Sea during 1957. Comparison by seasons of the year shows that abundance of the zooplankton was minimal in winter and maximal in summer. Patches of the increased density of zooplankton formed only in August in the central part of the sea where two opposite currents met. In all seasons of 1957 by-depth distribution of zooplankton distinctly depended on hydrological factors. The investigation has shown that during autumn and winter the abundance of plankton increased from the north to the south and during spring and summer from the shore towards the open sea.
Appears in Collections:Исследования планктона Черного и Азовского морей / Plankton investigations in the Black Sea and in the Sea of Azov

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