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Authors: Полищук, Л. Н.
Title: К изучению зоопланктона приповерхностного слоя Черного моря
Other Titles: On investigations of zooplankton in the subsurface layer of the Black Sea
Issue Date: 1965
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 111-112
Description: This investigation was carried out to learn more about zooplankton which dwell in the subsurface of the Black Sea. Samples were collected at 32 stations located over the Black Sea, from 0 – 5, 5 – 25 and 45 – 64 cm depths, during summer and autumn 1961. It was found that larvae of polychaetes worms, bivalve molluscs and Cirripedia, eggs, nauplial and copepodite stages of some copepods, adult Copepoda, Evadne tergestina and Oicopleura concentrated in the uppermost 0 – 5 cm seawater layer. Apparently, organisms forming aggregations in upper seawater layer provide rich food supply to many large invertebrates, larvae and fish fry within infraneuston biotope. Characteristics of 15 zooplankton organisms which were objects of the study are given in the Table.
Appears in Collections:Исследования планктона Черного и Азовского морей / Plankton investigations in the Black Sea and in the Sea of Azov

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