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Authors: Dmitrieva, E. V.
Gerasev, P. I.
Merella, P.
Pugachev, O. N.
Title: Redescription of Ligophorus mediterraneus Sarabeev, Balbuena & Euzet, 2005 (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae) with some methodological notes
Keywords: Ligophorus mediterraneus;Ligophorus mugilinus
Issue Date: 2009
Language (ISO): English
Issue number: 2
Volume number: 73
Pages: 95-105
Abstract: A redescription of Ligophorus mediterraneus Sarabeev, Balbuena & Euzet, 2005, based on original material from the Black and Mediterranean Seas, is presented and new diagnostic characters for its recognition are proposed. The unlikely wide range of variation in the angle between the shaft and point of the anchors, reported for this species and for some others in the genus, is analysed, and the structure of the ventral bar in Ligophorus spp. is described and its taxonomic significance discussed.
Appears in Collections:IMBR's Collection of Marine Parasites – Bibliography / Коллекция паразитов морских рыб и беспозвоночных ИМБИ РАН — Библиография

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