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Authors: Мордвинова, Т. Н.
Title: Новый вид трематод Nematobothrium atlanticus (Didymozoidae) - паразит летучих рыб
Other Titles: A new trematode Nematobothrium atlanticus (Didymozoidae), a parasite of flying fish
Keywords: Nematobothrium atlanticum
Issue Date: 1989
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 11
Volume number: 68
Pages: 135–137
Abstract: В Центрально-Восточной Атлантике в 1985 г. у летучих рыб рода Cheilopogon в орбите глаза обнаружен новый для науки вид дидимозоидных трематод, описанию которого посвящена настоящая статья.
Description: A description is given of a new Trematoda species Nematobothrium atlanticus (Didymozoidae) from Cheilopogon nigricans and Ch. melanurus (Exocoetidae) captured in central eastern Atlantics. N. atlanticus by its morphological features resembles most of all N. filiforme Yamaguti, 1934 and N. spinneri Lester, 1979, but differs from them by not forming a cyst, larger sizes, no testis. Moreover, while in N. filiforme the testis are of the same length, the species described has one testis much shorter than the other. It also differs from N. spinneri by having the unbranched ovari and no yolk gland.
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