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Authors: Мордвинова, Т. Н.
Николаева, В. М.
Title: Новый вид - Didymozoon musculi sp. n. (Trematoda, Didymozoidae) из мускулатуры плоскоголовов
Other Titles: A new species — Didymozoon musculi sp. n. (Trematoda Didymozoidae) from the musculature of Platycephalus pristis
Keywords: Indodidymozoon musculi
Issue Date: 1991
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 6
Volume number: 70
Pages: 128-130
Description: Didymozoon musculi sp. n. was found in the musculature of Platycephalus pristis (Platycephalidae). Its body consists of two parts: forward thread-like and posterior cylindrical. The paper presents the description, illustrations and the differential diagnosis. Didymozoon musculi sp. n. is the longest specimen of the Didymozoon genus. Didymozoids do not encyst in the muscles.
Appears in Collections:IMBR's Collection of Marine Parasites – Bibliography / Коллекция паразитов морских рыб и беспозвоночных ИМБИ РАН — Библиография

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