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Authors: Николаева, В. М.
Гаевская, А. В.
Title: Новый вид Gonapodasmius (Trematoda) у нового для семейства Didymozoidae хозяина
Other Titles: A new species of the genus Gonapodasmius (Trematoda, Didymozoidae) from a new for the family host
Keywords: Didymodiclinus kovaljova
Issue Date: 1985
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 3
Volume number: 64
Pages: 444–446
Abstract: При обработке паразитологического материала, собранного от рыб юго-восточной части Атлантического океана, обнаружен новый вид из семейства Didymozoidae, описание которого приводим ниже.
Description: Gonapodasmius kovaljovae sp. n. is described from Cubiceps capensis from the South-East Atlantic. The new species differs from the closely related C. branchicola, C. ryjikovi, C. oxyporhampii by the absence of ventral sucker and some other features and from all species of the genus by the presence of miracidia in the uterus. C. capensis is a new host for didymozoid trematodes.
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