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Authors: Сеничева, М. И.
Роухияйнен, М. И.
Title: Продукция мелких жгутиковых водорослей Севастопольской бухты
Other Titles: Production of Small Flagellata in Sevastopol Bay
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 47
Issue title: Исследования Индийского океана и южных морей
Pages: 34-39
metadata.dc.citation.spage: 34
metadata.dc.citation.epage: 39
Description: Small Flagellata division rate is studied in experiments in situ carried each month for two years. The portion of small Flagellata in the total amount and biomass of phytoplankton is determined. It is found that in some periods it may reach from 40 to 70-80% of the amount and above 20% of the biomass. Proceeding from the data on the division rate and on biomass, the diurnal production values are calculated which vary from 4 to 67 mgC/m³ for a year and may account for 3 to 93% of total diurnal production of phytoplankton.
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