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Authors: Степанов, В. Н.
Светличный, Л. С.
Title: Нестационарная модель погружения разлагающегося зоопланктона
Other Titles: Nonstationary Model of Decaying Zooplankton Submersion
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 47
Issue title: Исследования Индийского океана и южных морей
Pages: 55-59
metadata.dc.citation.spage: 55
metadata.dc.citation.epage: 59
Description: On the basis of the found regularities of changes in specific weight and passive submersion velocity during decay of plankters in the Black Sea and tropical Atlantic as well as on the basis of the destruction rate dependence on water temperature, the mathematical model of died copepod submersion is constructed taking into account the real water stratification in these regions. Sea depths within which there occurs plankton decay are calculated.
Appears in Collections:1978. Вып. 47. Исследования Индийского океана и южных морей

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