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Authors: Цуладзе, Л. Э.
Title: Рыбоводно-ихтиологические и санитарно-гидробиологические исследования в восточной части Черного моря
Other Titles: Fishery-Ichthyological and Sanitary-Hydrobiological Researches in the Eastern Part of the Black Sea
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 47
Issue title: Исследования Индийского океана и южных морей
Pages: 90-93
metadata.dc.citation.spage: 90
metadata.dc.citation.epage: 93
Description: In 1971-1975 the Georgian branch of the All-Union Institute of Fishery and Oceanography carried out works on studying Acipenseridae resources, development of fish-breeding measures for Acipenseridae, plaice-turbot and America eel. Simultaneously a great complex of researches was performed to study toxicological effect of oil products on fish and other hydrobionts.
Appears in Collections:1978. Вып. 47. Исследования Индийского океана и южных морей

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