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Authors: Грезе, В. Н.
Ковалев, А. В.
Title: Основные этапы столетних исследований зоопланктона в Институте биологии южных морей
Other Titles: Main Stages of Centenary Investigations of Zooplankton at the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas
Issue Date: 1971
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 5
Pages: 12-17
Description: Investigations of zooplankton can be divided into some stages; the first — faunistic, the second — ecological, begun in 1902. The data accumulated to the sixties on the com­position, quantitative distribution, biology, ecology of planktonic animals in the Black sea' permitted transition to the calculations of secondary production. These researches were the third stage of zooplankton investigations. But nowadays the faunistic and, es­pecially, ecological investigations are continued both at the Black and other southern seas.
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