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Authors: Ковалев, А. В.
Билева, О. К.
Морякова, В. К.
Title: Комбинированный метод сбора и учета морского зоопланктона
Other Titles: Combined Method of Collection and Calculation of Marine Zooplankton
Issue Date: 1977
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 4
Pages: 78-82
Abstract: Описан метод обора и учета морского зоопланктона с использовани­ем трех орудий лова: батометра, большой сети Джеди и сети ДжОМ. Метод позволяет детально исследовать структуру сообществ зоопланктона.
Description: For detailed quantitative study of the zooplankton community structure, three devices are proposed to be used for collecting of samples. In the samples taken with the bathometer (after concentration of the three-litre sample no to 7—10 ml by soft filtra­tion), the animals less than 0.5 mm long are calculated and measured. Those taken with the big Juday net are treated according to an ordinary quantitative method (the mouth diameter of the net is 37 cm). In this case the animals more than 0.5 mm long are calculated and measured. In the samples taken from the same water layer wifh the JOM net (the mouth diameter is 80 cm), the animals which are more than 2,0 mm long and which are not discovered or comparatively scarce in quantity in the sample taken with the big Juday net are calculated and measured as well. Since the big Juday net and the JOM net filter about a half and 90% of the water column, respectively, the number and the biomass resulted from the calculation were multiplied by 2 and 1.1, respectively. The values obtained by the above mentioned devices are recalculated for a 1 m3 sample of the same water layer and summed up.
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