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Authors: Мурина, В. В.
Title: К фауне сипункулид литорали Южно-Китайского моря
Other Titles: Report on the Sipunculid Worms from the Coast of South-Chinese Sea
Issue Date: 1964
Language (ISO): Russian
Volume number: 69
Pages: 254-270
Description: The sipunculids (359 species) were collected on the littoral of the South-Chinese Sea in the region Chanzsan. and on the island Nouchjou in November — December of 1958 year. Twelve species of 5 genus were determined, of which 2 species: Golfingia mokyevskii and Phascolion moskalevi are new. Golfingia (Thysanocardla) mokyevskii sp. n. The introvert is shorter than the trunk; white long tentacles are very numerous (about 50) with dark-red longitudinal groove; hooks are absent; large domeformed papillae are placed at the end of body, intro­vert and in anal region; in the middle of trunk there a/e minute oval skin glands and amorphous small bodies; large flat plates lying closely formed the brown anal shield, caudal shield is absent. Two retractors arise in the posterior third of the trunk; spindle muscle is attached to the posterior end of body; one fixing muscle; two nephridia are attached for nearly their length by a delicate mesentery; contractile vessel has very many Polian villi. Found in Chanzsan, Riff Ertan, 4 spec, (holotype), Riff Pinniy 1 spec, body length 12—21 mm, holotype 13 mm. Phascollon moscalevl sp. n. The introvert is twice shorter than trunk, the animal has long sausa-geshaped body, the skin is smooth; fasting papillae are missing, introvert has some tentacles; hooks disposed closely to the tentacles are ar­ranged in 9 regular rings, behind these rings there are some more hooks disposed irregularly. One retractor, fixing muscles are missing, intesti­nal coil not anchored posteriorly; only 1 nephridium; no Polian villi on the contractile vessel. Found in Chanzsan, Shizoto, 1 spec, body length: 18 mm.
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