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Authors: Мурина, Г.-В. В.
Title: Новые и редкие эхиуровые черви семейства Bonellidae
Other Titles: New and Rare Echiurids of the Family Bonelliidae
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Москва
Language (ISO): Russian
Series/Report no.: Труды Института океанологии АН СССР
Volume number: 113
Pages: 107-119
Description: A new genus and 5 new species of Bonelliidae were established and described. The material was collected in western and southern parts of the Pacific during the expeditions of r/v «Vityaz» and «Mendeleev» in 1975—1976, including the Philippeen, Mariana and Riu-Kju trenches. A new monotypical genus Zenkevitchiola was established (on the species Z. brevirostris). Besides it 3 new species were described: Choanostomella vinogradovae, Sluiterina al­bum and Vityazema planirostris. The spatial distribution of some old species was dilated: Torbenwolffia galatheae, Pseudoikedella achaeta and Hamingla arctica.
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