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Authors: Крупаткина, Д. К.
Берлян, Б. Р.
Майстрини, С. И.
Other Titles: Problems of the radiocarbon method application for estimating the primary production of oligotrophic waters
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 33
Pages: 48-53
Abstract: В олиготрофных водах Средиземного моря первичная продукция, измеренная стандартным радиоуглеродным методом, составляла ≥50 мг С·м-2·сут-1. При исследовании продукции с помощью модифицированного варианта метода показаны величины 200—300 мг С·м-2·сут-1. Модификация состояла в использовании бутылей большого объема (2,3 л) из полиэтилена, низкой концентрации изотопа (111·104 Бк·0,5 мл·л-1) и короткой экспозиции (3—4 ч) сразу после отбора проб воды в условиях низких (10—11 тыс. лк) освещенности и температуры (~20°С).
Description: Possible errors in estimation of the primary production by the radiocarbon method are elucidated in oligotrophic waters of the Meditteranean Sea where organic matter is probably the picoplankton product. Investigations have been conducted in two directions: measurement of the primary production by the conventional scheme and measurement using a modified variant of the method. The primary production measured by the standard radiocarbon method amounts to ≥50 mgC·m-2·day-1. Measurement of the production by the modified variant of the method has shown values of 200-300 mgC·m-2·day-1. Modification consists in use of large-volume bottles (2,3 l) of polyethylene, low concentration of purified isotope (111·104 per 1 l of water) and a short exposition (3-4 h) right away after water sampling under conditions of low illuminance (10-11 thous. lx) and temperature (~20°C). Perfection of the radiocarbon method permits obtaining more reliable values of the primary production. As a whole measurement errors of the primary production in oligotrophic waters can be most likely explained by methodical error, rather than by methodological ones.
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