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Authors: Губасарян, Л. А.
Other Titles: The impact of microflora on some components of anticorrosive coating
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Севастополь: ЭКОСИ-Гидрофизика
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 51
Pages: 81-83
Abstract: При изучении структурных изменений нефтесодержащего антикоррозионного покрытия выявлена биодеградация его компонентов - петролатума и СЖК (синтетических жирных кислот). Доля биологической деструкции в общей трансформации компонентов составила от 10 до 19%.
Description: The study has disclosed factors responsible for structural changes of the anticorrosive coating containing oil, ASSFC (artificial self-solidifying floating coating), employed in shipbuilding for the protection of ballast tanks, docks and some other metal constructions. The key factor is biodegradation of anticorrosive coating components - petrolatum and synthetic fatty acids (SFAs). The share of biode-struction in total transformation of the components was estimated as 10-19%.
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