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Authors: Лисицкая, Е. В.
Other Titles: Species composition and seasonal dynamics of meroplankton of the Balaklava bay (the Black Sea)
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Севастополь: ЭКОСИ-Гидрофизика
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 71
Pages: 100-104
Abstract: В акватории Балаклавской бухты в период с 2000 по 2002 гг. отобрано 140 проб меропланктона. Определено 44 вида личинок донных беспозвоночных, относящихся к 30 семействам. Изучена сезонная динамика и соотношение численности личинок 5 крупных таксонов: Polychaeta, Bivalvia, Gastropoda, Decapoda, Cirripedia. Максимальное число видов личинок донных беспозвоночных отмечено в летне-осенний период. Выделены доминирующие виды: Mytilus galloprovincialis, Mytilaster lineatis, Balanus improvisus, Polydora ciliata, Bittium reticulatum.
Description: The species composition and seasonal changes of meroplancton from Balakiava Bay have been studied for the first time. 44 species, 30 families were identified during 2000 - 2002. The following species Mytilus gailoprovincialis. Mytilaster I i neat is. Balanus improvisus, Polydora ciliata. Bittium reticulatum were marked as the dominant one. The density of pelagic larvae of the dominant species in most samples was more then 60 %. The maximal density of Mytilus gailoprovincialis larvae have been identified at the station 2, disposed in the southern part of the bay. This region of the Balakiava Bay is expected to be the most perspective for Mytilus farm.
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