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Authors: Довгаль, И. В.
Title: Инфузории подкласса Apostomatia – комменсалы, паразиты, гиперпаразиты или хищники?
Other Titles: What the ciliates of subclass Apostomatia are: commensals, parasites, hyperparasites or predators?
Issue Date: 2016
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 22-25
Description: The ciliates of subclass Apostomatia representing a peculiar group symbionting on invertebrates such as crustaceans, mollusks and coelenterates. There are a little finds of these ciliates resulting the group is poorly understood. In this regard, there are discrepancies between specialists alike concerning the taxonomy of subclass and the nature of the relationship between apostomes and their hosts. Thus, the apostome ciliates mainly considered as parasitic in the Russian literature whereas foreign specialists are often mentioned the apostomes as commensals or even predators. In this connection, the different modes of apostome-host relations are discussed in the work. The finds of subclass representatives in Crimea (Russia) are also listed.
Appears in Collections:Современные проблемы теоретической и морской паразитологии / Contemporary problems of theoretical and marine parasitology

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