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Authors: Алексеева, К. Д.
Title: Кислородный долг при интенсивной мышечной работе у кефали
Other Titles: Oxygen debt during intense muscular work in longfinned mullet
Contributors: Академия Наук Украинской ССР Институт биологии южных морей им. А.О. Ковалевского
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Киев: Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 15
Issue title: Физиологические основы экологии водных животных
Pages: 104-112
metadata.dc.citation.spage: 104
metadata.dc.citation.epage: 112
Abstract: Oxygen debt and duration of recovery period during intense muscular work on longfinned mullet (Mugil auratus Risso) were determined. The measurements were carried out in the circular respirometer, hydrodynamic tunnel type, at movement velocity of 88 cm/sec and duration of performance - 30 min. It was shown that the value of oxygen debt in longfinned mullet with an average weight of 110-190 g, made up 12% from the active and 50% from the standard metabolism. Recovery of oxygen debt following fatigue required from 30 to 60 min. Thus it was shown that determination of oxygen debt value taking place during intense muscular work was necessary in estimating the levels of active metabolism.
Appears in Collections:1968, Выпуск 15 Физиологические основы экологии водных животных / Volume 15 The physiological principles of aquatic animals ecology

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