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Authors: Токарев, Ю. С.
Воронин, В. Н.
Юрахно, В. М.
Исси, И. В.
Title: Молекулярная филогения микроспоридий морских животных–хозяев
Other Titles: Molecular phylogeny of Microsporidia of marine animal hosts
Issue Date: 2016
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 58-60
Description: Class Marinosporidia is one of five major clades of Microsporidia Tree of Life, a monophyletic group near the crown. The majority of species belonging to Marinosporidiaare parasites of marine crustaceans and fishes. Parasites of fishes were thought to be strictly specific for long time, and species diagnostics was strongly associated with, and affected by, host species. This view is however opposed byrecent studies based upon molecular genotyping. Identical molecular haplotypes of ribosomal RNA gene (indicative of identical species) were found for isolates of microsporidia infecting hosts from different fish orders or different metazoan phyla. Partial sequencing of rpb1 was useful for differentiation of intraspecific isolates of a parasite species associated with different hosts. Analysis of phylogenetic associations within Marinosporidia reveals a branch including parasites of marine and freshwater fishes, amphibiotic and terrestrial insects and human, suggesting a gradual host shift during parasite evolution and biohazard potential of this group of parasites.
Appears in Collections:Современные проблемы теоретической и морской паразитологии / Contemporary problems of theoretical and marine parasitology

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