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Authors: Коржуев, П. А.
Глазова, Т. Н.
Title: Сравнительно-физиологическая характеристика крови и кроветворных органов рыб и водных млекопитающих
Other Titles: Comparatively-physiological characteristic of blood and blood-forming organs of the fish and aquatic mammals
Contributors: Академия Наук Украинской ССР Институт биологии южных морей им. А.О. Ковалевского
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Киев: Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Issue number: 15
Issue title: Физиологические основы экологии водных животных
Pages: 131-146
metadata.dc.citation.spage: 131
metadata.dc.citation.epage: 146
Abstract: The most significant factor of aquatic environment is perhaps sharp reduction of activity of gravitation power. The Aquatic organisms practically spend on efforts on supporting their bodies in contrast to the ground animals. This factor is to be considered when comparing blood peculiarities of the fish and of secondary aquatic mammals. The quantitative—qualitative blood characteristic of different fish groups is defined not only phylogenetically, but also ecologically. One can get an idea of biological significance of blood peculiarities by simultaneous consideration of both blood amount, concentration of respiratory pigment of blood and power of erythropoiesis centres. The erythropoiesis centres of the aquatic animals are more considerably developed in contrast to the fish. In addition, the aquatic mammals musculature is a strong storage of oxygen containing myoglobin of high concentration. Lack of equal oxygen affinity of haemoglobin in both various species of the fish and the aquatic animals is one of the adaption forms to the specific conditions of aquatic environment. Heterogenous nature of haemoglobins is closely associated with the value of oxygen affinity of haemoglobin.
Appears in Collections:1968, Выпуск 15 Физиологические основы экологии водных животных / Volume 15 The physiological principles of aquatic animals ecology

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