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Authors: Полякова, Т. А.
Title: Сезонная динамика параметров популяций цестод рода Cairaeanthus, паразитирующих в Dasyatis pastinaca (Pisces: Dasyatidae) в Черном море
Other Titles: Seasonal dynamics of population parameters of Cariaeanthus spp. (Cestoda) parasiting Dasyatis pastinaca (Pisces: Dasyatidae) in the Black Sea
Issue Date: 2016
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 113-116
Description: Seasonal dependence of the occurrence, abundance and distribution of cestodes Cairaeanthus ruhnkei Kornyushin et Polyakova, 2012 and C. healyae Kornyushin et Polyakova, 2012 parasiting the spiral valve of stingray, Dasyatis pastinaca (L.), in the Black Sea was studied for the first time. It was stated that the two Cairaeanthus spp. differs in duration and timing of reproduction period in definitive host as well as prefer different places in D. pastinaca intestine. It was revealed what the seasonal dynamics of the cestodes distribution in host spiral valve is associated mainly with movement of the worms as they mature in the most preferable for each species place of host digestive system (sections 13-21 of stingray's spiral valve for C. ruhnkei and 8-13 - for C. healyae). Analysis of the spatial differentiation of Cairaeanthus spp. during reproduction period revealed a tendency to increase the spatial segregation of adult cestodes in the cases of mixed infestation.
Appears in Collections:Современные проблемы теоретической и морской паразитологии / Contemporary problems of theoretical and marine parasitology

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