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Authors: Подвязная, И. М.
Title: Размножение трематод в первом промежуточном хозяине: сравнительное ультраструктурное исследование
Other Titles: Trematode reproduction in the first intermediate host: a comparative ultrastructural study
Issue Date: 2016
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 193-195
Description: The germinal cells, peculiarities of their development and germinal masses were investigated by TEM in Prosorhynchoides borealis sporocysts and in the rediae of Himasthla elongata, Bunocotyle progenetica and Tristriata anatis. Ultrastructural and developmental features of the germinal cells revealed in our study lend support to the hypothesis that the germinal cells are germ line cells. Our data also provided compelling evidence that the germinal masses are specialized reproductive organs of rediae and sporocysts consisting of cells of several types. These organs show obvious ultrastructural and functional similarities with the ovaries of some parasitic flatworms.
Appears in Collections:Современные проблемы теоретической и морской паразитологии / Contemporary problems of theoretical and marine parasitology

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