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Authors: Бортников, Е. С.
Стрижакова, Т. В.
Бойко, Н. Е.
Ружинская, Л. П.
Шевкоплясова, Н. Н.
Title: Миксоболезис лобана Mugil cephalus в российских водах Черного моря
Other Titles: Myxobolosis of the flathead grey mullet Mugil cephalus in the Russian waters of the Black Sea
Issue Date: 2016
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 211-213
Description: The first case has been recorded of the flathead grey mullet Mugil cephalus (L.) infection with mixosporea Myxobulus episquamalis Egusa, Maeno, Sorimachi, 1990 in the Russian waters of the Black Sea. The clinical picture of the disease is described, and the percentage of affected fish caught commercially in the area adjoining the Kerch Strait is given. The seasonal dynamics is considered of physiological parameters of the flathead grey mullet infected.
Appears in Collections:Современные проблемы теоретической и морской паразитологии / Contemporary problems of theoretical and marine parasitology

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