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Authors: Кондратьева, Т. М.
Title: Продукция фитопланктона в северо-западной части Кубинской платформы
Other Titles: Phytoplankton Production in the North-West Cuba Platform
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Series/Report no.: Исследования Центрально-Американских морей
Issue number: 2
Pages: 40-45
Description: There is almost no data on primary production in the coastal regions of Cuba. Determinations carried out in the north-west part of the platform showed some difference in distribution of production in investigated aquatorium at different periods of observation. A change in areas of maximum and minimum production was connected with the anticyclonic circulation system of waters in this region changing in time and space depending on wind conditions and water expenditure through the Yucatan Bay. The potential production in winter in the shallow part of the platform was composed mainly of small forms of diatom algae which made up 84.5% of the total quantity. The remaining groups of algae played an insignificant role in the production process in the coastal waters of Cuba. Thus, the golden algae made up 7.7, bluish-green — 3.1, small flagellates and others made up 0.6% of the total production. Effective production obtained by calculation method made up 12% from potential and 330% of biomass, i. e. coefficient P/B was equal to 3.3. On the basis of parameters obtained in experiments, the average rate of cell reproduction of the main phytoplankton species was calculated. Compared to dinoflagellates, the cell reproduction rate in diatoms was somewhat higher.
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