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Authors: Морякова, В. К.
Title: Состав и распределение зоопланктона в центральной и восточной частях Карибского моря
Other Titles: Composition and Distribution of Zooplankton in Central and Eastern Parts of the Caribbean Sea
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Series/Report no.: Исследования Центрально-Американских морей
Issue number: 2
Pages: 62-70
Description: In comparison to seas of the mediterranean type, little is known about the zooplankton of the Caribbean Sea. In the few available works we can find mainly a characteristic of fauna of separate plankton groups, distribution of nutritive zooplankton and the biomass of seston. Our data give a detailed characteristic of qualitative composition, quantity, and plankton biomass as well as their distribution in the Central and Eastern parts of the Caribbean Sea. The qualitative composition of zooplankton is quite various. During the investigation period were noted 154 copepod species and 54 representatives of other groups. The 50—200 m layer was characterized by a great variety of species. Most numerous in the investigated region were the representatives of species Oncaea, Corycaeus, Clauso-calanus, Paracalanus, Calocalanus. From all the investigated aquatorium of the Caribbean Sea the 0—50 m layer was the most productive (average plankton biomass 60 mg/m³). Both in the Central and Eastern parts of the Caribbean Sea could be observed homogeneous plankton distribution due to similar distribution of hydrological factors.
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