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Authors: Маккавеева, Е. Б.
Title: Видовой состав и распределение танаидовых и равноногих раков в прибрежном районе о. Куба
Other Titles: Species Composition and Distribution of Tanaidacea and Isopoda in the Coastal Region of Cuba
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: Киев : Наукова думка
Language (ISO): Russian
Series/Report no.: Исследования Центрально-Американских морей
Issue number: 2
Pages: 99-105
Description: Near the north-west coast of Cuba, from the Bay of Cuba to Cape San Antonio, at a depth of up to 18m on silty and sandy ground with thickets of sea grass Thallassia were found 12 species of Isopoda relating to 12 genera and 8 species of Tanaidacea pertaining to 4 genera. Most of the detected crustaceans are representatives of thicket communities. A number of species of Isopoda are not permanently connected with bottom biotopes as they are facultative parasites of fish, or bore the wood of underwater structures. A new species to science from the order of Tanaidacea-Leptochelia tenuiculan sp. was detected.
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