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dc.creatorГорбенко, Ю. А.-
dc.identifier.citationГорбенко Ю. А. Формирование первичной слизистой пленки на предметах, погруженных в море, в районе литорали Мексиканского залива // Исследования Центрально-Американских морей. - Киев : Наукова думка, 1968. - Вып. 2 . - С. 112-125.en_US
dc.descriptionThe dynamic investigation of this process was carried out by methods improved by the author. The investigation showed that this process, considering its main features, in the Gulf of Mexico takes place in about the same way as in the littoral of the Black Sea. This deals with the total quantity of microorganisms counted under the microscope as well as heterotrophic bacteria detected on agar-protein media. It was established that the primary film of microorganisms on metal plates qualitatively differs from same on glass. There is reason to assume that in this case the composition of primary film influences fouling as metal plates were subject to fouling by macroorganisms to a greater extent and at a greater rate than glass plates. As the quantity of heterotrophic bacteria colonies on glass and metal plates changed in time almost similarly and the quantity of detected colonies on glass and metal were almost equal, it may be assumed that the development of heterotrophic bacteria depends chiefly on organic matter in sea water and not on the nature of substrate. An interesting fact is the detection of carbonates in the periphyton of metal and glass .plates after being submerged for 3—4 days in sea water. Their origin is not yet clear. The carbonates could have settled from water under the influence of physico-chemical processes taking place in it, or in result of the life-activity of periphytic micro-organisms.en_US
dc.publisherКиев : Наукова думкаen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesИсследования Центрально-Американских морейen_US
dc.titleФормирование первичной слизистой пленки на предметах, погруженных в море, в районе литорали Мексиканского заливаen_US
dc.title.alternativeFormation of Primary Slime Film on Objects Submerged in the Sea in the Littoral Region of the Gulf of Mexicoen_US
local.creator.alternativeGorbenko, J. A.en_US
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