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Authors: Solomonova, E. S.
Akimov, A. I.
Title: Investigation of photosynthetic inactive suspension in some algae cultures at growth and under different illumination
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: К.: Фітосоціоцентр
Language (ISO): Russian
Pages: 270-271
Abstract: The volume fraction of photosynthetic inactive suspension (PIS) under favorable growth conditions is 1-2% of the total biomass of algae species with rigid silicon - or cellulose membrane (Ph. tricornutum and Ch. vulgaris suboblonga), and does not exceed 0.5% of the populations of cells Is. Galban with cytoplasmic membrane. In the stationary phase of growth, as well as at high light intensities, the percentage of PIS is increased to 10-20% in Ch. vulgaris suboblonga and Ph. Tricornutum cultures. Increasing of PIS fraction is shown in the long-term steady-state, probably due to the high density of the culture, and not to the deficit of mineral nutrition. The particle size of PIS (Ph. tricornutum) widely varies, from a value exceeding the size of the cells to particles of less than 1 mkm3.
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